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Open MRI System Calms Claustrophobic Patients

By MedImaging International staff writers
Posted on 20 Oct 2021
An innovative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system with an easy-access bed and a transparent headcoil make patient positioning easy, fast, and comfortable.

The Esaote (Genova, Italy) Magnifico Open MRI System is designed to make the patient’s MRI experience as relaxing as possible for all patients, in particular children. The open design includes free coil positioning, laser alignment, a split coil design with a transparent headcoil, and the easy-access patient bed. Simplified workflows and protocol-driven scanning allow for fast exams and high throughput, without comprising diagnostic quality. A wide range of receiving multi-channel coils and a permanent magnet enable targeted imaging of the knee, spine, shoulder, head, and other organs.

Image: The Magnifico Open MRI System (Photo courtesy of Esaote)
Image: The Magnifico Open MRI System (Photo courtesy of Esaote)

The multichannel design allows for a high signal to noise ratio (SNR), high signal homogeneity, and high spatial resolution, with simple, rapid interchangeability. Magnifico Open also comes with Esaote technologies such as Speed Up, to assure optimal image quality in reduced examination times; True-Motion real-time imaging for a comprehensive clinical and diagnostic picture, particularly in high-level sports medicine; and metal artifact reduction (MAR) for excellent image quality, as well as for post-surgical imaging.

“In recent years, the technological evolution of MRI has seen major developments. Today, with Magnifico Open we are looking even more toward the future,” said Franco Fontana, CEO of Esaote. “With our experience, and thanks to continual cooperation with many medical and scientific partners, we are entering the field of full body magnetic resonance imaging. This is an important achievement, which fills us with pride and opens us to new challenges.”

Low-field systems that feature standard permanent magnets, such as the Magnifico Open, require no cryogenic cooling systems, producing an image using low-power radio waves and magnetic fields instead. With low power consumption (maximum 3 Kw) and minimal radiofrequency (RF) shielding requirements, the Magnifico Open can fit in a space of just 20 m².

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