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Image: The wireless power transfer system consists of an ultrasound transmitter outside the body (Photo courtesy of DGIST)

Ultrasound Wireless Charging To Power Deep Implantable Biomedical Devices

A new study has shown that the shape of the implanted receiver can greatly enhance the effectiveness of power harvesting from an ultrasound beam for charging implanted biomedical devices. More...
27 May 2024
Image: This soft and stretchy ultrasound patch can be worn on the temple to provide continuous monitoring of blood flow in the brain (Photo courtesy of David Baillot/UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering)

Wearable Ultrasound Patch Continuously Monitors Cerebral Blood Flow

A wearable ultrasound patch offers a hands-free, consistent, and comfortable monitoring solution for monitoring cerebral blood flow that patients can wear continuously throughout their hospital stay. More...
24 May 2024
Image: A recent trial showcased AiM`s robot in a fully direct MRI-guided procedure for bilateral deep brain stimulation lead placement in a human cadaver (Photo courtesy of AiM)

Portable MRI Compatible Surgical Robot Improves Patients Outcomes for Neurosurgery

A compact, MRI-compatible surgical robot that facilitates intelligent intraoperative surgical planning and guidance through real-time soft tissue imaging aims to tackle the issue of brain shift during deep brain stimulation lead placements. More...
24 May 2024
Image: Brain scans for babies could reduce risk of stroke later in life (Photo courtesy of 123RF)

Ultrasound Brain Scans for Babies Could Lower Stroke Risk Later In Life

A new study suggests that non-invasive brain scans performed on children under the age of one could identify risk factors early, potentially reducing the likelihood of strokes later in life. More...
23 May 2024
Image: AI analyzes smartphone-based thermal images of chest for breast cancer risk-predictions (Photo courtesy of Thermaiscan Technology)

AI-Powered Portable Thermal Imaging Solution Could Complement Mammography for Breast Cancer Screening

A new study has now shown promising results for a breast cancer pre-screening solution that utilizes a smartphone-based thermal imaging sensor and AI, offering an effective early detection tool. More...
22 May 2024
Image: The image shows close similarities between areas of lung function obtained on same patient with CTFI and SPECT (Photo courtesy of Corewell Health)

Imaging Software Improves Lung Diagnosis in Patients Allergic To Medical Contrast Dye

A new imaging software offers a more reliable and quicker diagnostic alternative to patients who cannot use medical contrast dye due to allergies or other health conditions. More...
21 May 2024
Image: The portable ultrasound system uses AI to speed up triage for patients with suspected injuries (Photo courtesy of 123RF)

Portable Ultrasound Tool Uses AI to Detect Arm Fractures More Quickly

A new portable ultrasound system is set to potentially reduce wait times for patients with suspected injuries to the upper limbs visiting hospital emergency departments. More...
20 May 2024
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