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Mobile App Images and Assesses Wounds

By Medimaging International staff writers
Posted on 31 Oct 2019
A multi-platform wound management app eliminates the inaccuracies of manual measurements and seamlessly integrates into electronic medical record (EMR) workflows.

The WoundVision (Indianapolis, IN, USA) Scout Mobile app is designed to fully integrate with the Scout multi-modal imaging device, which provides photographic and thermographic input, Scout Software, and the EMR integration solution. The mobile imaging app is intended for wound photography, measurement, and assessment across the entire continuum of care, eliminating the need for paper rulers. Thermographic imaging helps identify changes in blood flow, perfusion, and metabolic activity that go unseen to the naked eye.

Image: The Scout multi-modal imaging device, Scout Software and mobile app (Photo courtesy of WoundVision).
Image: The Scout multi-modal imaging device, Scout Software and mobile app (Photo courtesy of WoundVision).

The anatomical and physiological imaging platform can thus help identify deep tissue pressure injury (DTPI) on admission, providing precise, accurate wound size measurement that is combined with a physiological view of the skin or wound. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant device meets all end-to-end requirements, thus reducing documentation errors, streamlining EMR workflows, and standardizing wound assessment. The Scout Mobile app is supported by both Apple iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.

“Until now, there's never been a solutions provider capable of solving a hospital or health system's hospital-acquired pressure injuries problem and standardizing wound documentation while seamlessly integrating both into the EMR,” said James Spahn, MD, co-founder and CEO of WoundVision. “Scout Mobile ties all of our solutions together, positioning us as the industry's only full-service wound imaging and documentation solution. We've created a scalable solution that minimizes variation in care and outcomes across the healthcare enterprise, no matter its size or setting.”

An essential part of weekly wound assessment is measuring the wound, and consistent technique is vital for accuracy. The most common type of measurement is linear measurement, also known as the “clock” method, measuring the longest length, greatest width, and greatest depth of the wound, using the body as the face of an imaginary clock. However, such linear methods are inaccurate, as they do not take into account changes in wound shape and depth.

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